Virtual Badge is used to solve headaches and problems related to identity and workforce management.  Learn how smart badging can help your industry.
Construction & Engineering
Solve onboarding headaches and promote a safety program at your job-sites to reduce liability and risk.
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Manage healthcare credentials easier, ensure your company reps stay in compliance, and gain visibility on remote workers.
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Membership Management
Increase member engagement by managing, communicating, and taking payments, all from your organizations "app".
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Contractors & Temp Workers
Onboard temporary workers easier and match completed work to the correct contractor to provide accountability.
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Youth Sports
Improve the safety and security for youth sports activities by knowing each coach is qualified and vetted.
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Secure Access
Improve security to facilities by pre-registering visitors and monitoring their activities while on-site.
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Schools / Education
Virtual Badge helps to improve identity, safety, and volunteer management for your school system.
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