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Learn about how Virtual Badge works and about how we've helped companies solve problems and save money.
Onboarding Workers Doesn't Have To Cause Headaches
You know you have to issue badges, but managing identities is really time-consuming and annoying.  Virtual Badge can help.
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Case Study - Improving Safety and Security On The Field:  Buffalo Valley Youth Association
Virtual Badge helps the Buffalo Valley Youth Association save time and reduce risk by ensuring that their coaches are vetted before being allowed on the field.
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How-To:  Eliminate Time Tracking Issues By Using Virtual Badge
Virtual Badge has been used by many organizations, including FEMA, to track time spent on-site by workers.  Learn how to track time using Virtual Badge.
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Case Study - Improving Contractor Installation Processes:  Utility Industry
Learn about how a major US utility has used Virtual Badge to audit contractor installation processes to save over $4MM on a project.
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